A judge slamming down a gavel.

Some changes coming to the local courthouse in the next few weeks.

Colorado’s 4th Judicial District, covering El Paso and Teller Counties (and Graham.Law’s home base), has announced its docket changes for 2019. Lots of swaps between divisions, with a few new faces, including a couple of our friends and colleagues from the Colorado Springs domestic relations bar.

Click for the complete list of 4th Judicial District judges and magistrates, contact information and courtrooms. But note that this page still reflects the current judicial officer assignments, not the ones coming in in the next couple of weeks.

Highlights of changes affecting family law include:

  • Teller County: Judge Sells leaves Division 6 and replaces Judge Billings-Vela.
  • Division 1: Judge Billings-Vela leaves Teller County and replaces Judge Cisneros, who retires on January 8, 2019.
  • Division 6: Newly-appointed Judge Chad Miller replaces Judge Sells.
  • Division 9: Judge Schutz gives up his domestic relations docket.
  • Division 21: Judge McHenry returns to a domestic relations docket after a few year hiatus. I’ll never forget one of his first cases several years ago when he gave us two full days for a final orders hearing with multiple business valuation experts.
  • Division M: Magistrate McGuire leaves NCS, and replaces Magistrate Meredith Patrick Cord, who was appointed County Court Judge (Congratulations, Meredith!)
  • Division N: Newly-appointed Magistrate Mitchell (one of our own!) replaces Magistrate Henson. Note that she didn’t last long, as she was appointed district court judge just over a year later.
  • Division NCS: Magistrate Warkentin leaves Division O, and replaces Magistrate McGuire.
  • Division W: Newly-appointed Magistrate Rahaman (another one of our own – congratulations, Vince), replaces Magistrate Johnson
  • Division Y: Magistrate Johnson replaces Magistrate Peacock, who was appointed County Court Judge (Congratulations – we’ll miss you in DR!)

It’s refreshing to see some family law veterans among the new faces for 2019. Not only is it great to see our colleagues elevated to the bench, but having judicial officers with a family law background means they can hit the ground running without a steep learning curve. The future is looking bright for family law in the 4th Judicial District.

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