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El Paso County’s Family Court Division X

It’s always refreshing to see a round peg fitting into a round hole. And in this case, that is especially true. Division X is the family court in El Paso County, handling divorce and other family law matters primarily (or exclusively?).

At one time, something like 50% of domestic relations cases were assigned to Division X for purposes of temporary orders, or uncontested final orders, with the other “lettered divisions” sharing the remainder. So if you had a family law matter, you would be spending a lot of time in front of the Division X magistrate.

For a long time, Magistrate M. Flynn Feeney was the Division X magistrate, but upon his retirement, Magistrate Catherine Mitchell Helton replaced him. And since she has been appointed a District Court Judge effective May 2, there was another Division X opening to fill in Colorado’s 4th Judicial District.

Family Court Magistrate Bynum

Family Court

And that opening in Division X has been filled by Lauren Bynum, long-time Colorado Springs family law attorney. I cannot remember exactly when I first met her, but I started in private practice in 2000, and believe it was shortly thereafter.

We have had several cases against one-another over the years since then, and she has always been a passionate and tenacious advocate who knew her stuff. She was not a pushover on the opposite side of a case, and certainly will hold attorneys’ feet to the fire as magistrate.

Presumably to pave the way for winding down her private practice, Lauren just filed a Notice of Withdrawal from the most recent case we had together. It’s the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one.

Congratulations, Magistrate Lauren Bynum. You have tough shoes to fill, but I’m sure you’ll excel.

Note – while the building in the picture at the top of this post was previously the El Paso County Courthouse, our county long ago outgrew the building, and it is now the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. I just could not find a public domain photo of the actual courthouse building to use, so figured there was no harm in a little historic reminder.

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family court

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