Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, former County Court.

It’s great to live and work in a thriving, growing county. The population of El Paso County, Colorado is growing at a steady clip, and has doubled in the last 35 years to 700K – the second-largest county in the state. I’ve seen major change in the 23 years I’ve lived here, but talking to long-time residents, the expansion of Colorado Springs has been breathtakingly fast.

With the increased population comes an increased demand on judicial resources – and that means we need more judges! Hard to believe that what is now the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum served as the El Paso County courthouse for 70 years, until 1973.

The state is responding to our needs. The 4th Judicial District (comprised of El Paso & Teller Counties) is adding a new Division 23. This will be the first expansion since Judge Bain (now Chief Judge Bain) was appointed to the newly-created Division 22 back in 2010, and should provide some welcome relief to the crowded docket (although another 2-3 judgeships would have been nice).

Here is a link to the announcement – in short, the position pays $168K, and the deadline to apply is June 7. We in family law did pretty well with the most recent set of magistrate appointments, with Vince Rahaman and Catherine Mitchell both being appointed. Seeing a new district court judge with domestic relations experience would be great.

No word yet on whether the new judge will have a domestic relations docket, or on whether it will result in another shuffling of judicial dockets.

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