Colorado Springs Style Top Attorneys Award for Graham.Law

Colorado Springs Magazine Again Names Carl Graham a Top Attorney in Colorado Springs

This one somehow slipped through the cracks, but for the second year in a row, Colorado Springs Style magazine has named me one of the Top Attorneys in Colorado Springs for 2020 (Note – as of 2022, the link to the magazine page is broken). While I’d love to think it’s for my classy attire, I suspect my clients hire me for my brains and skill, and look elsewhere if they are seeking dashing good looks. In other words, this is not a fluffy GQ Magazine type of award.

When I was first named to this list in 2014, I thought it was some kind of gimmick, so did not really pay attention to it. You’d be surprised at the number of unsolicited emails attorneys receive trying to sell us bogus awards (i.e. “pay for play awards”) which have cool-sounding names, but it turns out that the only criteria for selection is a willingness to part with a few hundred dollars). In fact, there are so many vanity award scams in the legal community that we even wrote a blog post about them.

But when I was again named a top attorney in Colorado Springs for 2019, having not paid them a dime previously, I decided to look into this a little. And it turns out that it’s actually legitimate.

How to Become a Top Attorney

Top Attorney in Colorado Springs

Work hard. OK, more seriously, I had a look at their selection process, and it appears designed to capture as broad-based a legal opinion as possible. First, 900 local attorneys (most of the members of the El Paso County Bar Association) were invited to nominate attorneys – they could select from any field, not just their own.

Then, once the ballots were completed, the magazine itself selected from the candidates – OK, that part appears a bit opaque, but judging on who was selected, they are getting something right.

As the magazine points out:

“The field of law is a profession that relies heavily on attorneys referring to one another. Peer review is a very effective method of determining who is outstanding in the field because it’s based on the opinions of those in the know: their colleagues.”

Other Top Colorado Springs Family Law Attorneys

And I’m in good company – the list of the Top Attorneys selected in the areas of family law or military law contains many familiar faces from other award lists: Lisa Dailey, Matt Clawson, Dave Johnson, Joi Kush, Mike Luchetta & Jeanne Wilson. And most not for the first time. I salute all of you, and look forward to being on similar lists together in the future!

Top Attorney in Colorado Springs – And We Mean It!

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