“The level of expertise, professionalism, and good moral compass provided by this office is everything you can hope for when you go to hire a family law attorney.

It can be difficult on the client side dealing with a generally new to you legal process plus the personal elements add a factor, but Carl and Cindi have been exceptional, patient, and my personal favorite quality: honest, almost to a fault (emphasis on almost). You won’t always like what Carl has to say, but you know he’s only telling you because he’s got your best interest in mind and helps you keep the path straight to your own goals. Carl also is exceptional at giving you a reality check based on the current laws and common practices when it comes to negotiation/courts. He is clear and concise in his communications and I never felt unprepared for anything throughout the process which was a huge burden lifted for me. A huge relief that I found this office and I couldn’t recommend a better team for your case.”