“If you are searching for a divorce lawyer, first I would like to say I’m sorry you are going through this. It isn’t and easy road. I know sometimes things just don’t work out to save your marriage. However, if all else fails and you have done all you can, Graham law is there to help. My lawyer was Brian and I gotta say, he knows his stuff. He is very trustworthy and is straight forward with you. He was never late, he communicated very well and made sure that I understood what to expect. Divorce is expensive. Graham law is expensive. But it’s worth the cost to have a lawyer and a firm who is on top of everything and wants to save you as much money as possible. Brian tried to settle things outside of court but the other lawyer was not communicating and we ended up still going to court, because of the other lawyer We settled just before we sat in front of a judge. This costs money which annoyed me to no end. So if you want a lawyer who gets the job done and is organized, use Graham law. If you want a lawyer who is inexpensive and isn’t on top of things, look somewhere else. Thank you Brian and team.”