Colorado Family Law. Period. Rather than dabbling in other areas of the law, Graham.Law is 100% focused on what matters to your case – Colorado divorce & family law. As a result, we know the system, the attorneys, the judges, and the law.

Sure, we lose a little business by turning away clients with criminal, personal injury or other legal needs. But there are plenty of good firms in El Paso County who can help clients in those areas – we’ll focus on what we do best.

Similarly, we practice almost exclusively* in Colorado Springs & the 4th judicial district (El Paso County & Teller County).
If we try to travel to courts around the state, we’d feel like fish out of water. Knowing the system, the unique local procedures, and the other professionals involved in your case gives us an edge.

* If someone really, really asks, one of us may travel to a nearby district, but most of the time we suggest hiring counsel who know those courts best as they practice there daily.



You deserve the unvarnished truth, not puffery or misplaced optimism. The Graham.Law attorneys will never shade the truth, but instead give you a realistic assessment of your situation, so you can make informed decisions.

Promising you the moon, then failing to deliver, is basically a “bait & switch.” We would rather you not hire us than spend the rest of our professional relationship trying to explain to you why we could not deliver on promises we had no business making in the first case. We are not going to blame others, such as a “lousy judge” to cover up for bad advice.


Award-Winning Team

We’re good, and Graham.Law is very likely on most local family law attorneys’ lists of top law firms in town. But after reaching a certain level, no one can really claim to be the very best. Colorado Springs has several great family law attorneys who know what they are doing, and the best attorney for your case may not be a perfect fit for someone else. But we are proud of the awards our firm has won, including:

The totals reflect the number of Colorado Springs family law firms or lawyers who made the list.

You are hiring a professional to manage your Colorado divorce or family law case. This means you need to know you can trust the lawyer to look out for your best interests. We intend to earn that trust. Referrals and reviews from satisfied clients are an important part of our business, and unhappy clients do not remember their lawyers fondly!


Cheap Divorce Lawyers

Sorry, this attention-getting header is a bit misleading. A “cheap divorce lawyer” is probably the stereotypical guy in a plaid suit on a highway billboard. That’s not us.

We commit to providing you with the best possible bang for the buck. But good, experienced lawyers are not cheap, and Graham.Law is no exception. We have plenty of legitimate work, and won’t run up your legal fees to line our pockets. A family law case is already an expensive proposition, so we do what we can to avoid making it worse by doing unnecessary work or urging you fight on issues you cannot win.

We fight for you when it makes sense, and counsel compromise when fighting makes no sense. You don’t spend a grand in legal fees fighting over a $200 sofa. But if you are fighting to protect your children or $50,000 of property or maintenance is at stake, attorney’s fees become a much more worthwhile investment.



Aggressive representation does not mean shouting, being rude, or snarling at the other side. If that’s what you are looking for, there are lawyers out there who will have temper tantrums and fight for the sake of appearance, pound the table, fire off nasty emails, etc. Not us.

The Graham.Law attorneys are legal professionals. not street punks. We don’t engage in abusive discovery, name calling, nor storm out of meetings. Lawyers are not easy to intimidate – such theatrics may appeal to a certain type of client, but they do not help your case.

We are tenacious, and our track record of success demonstrates a commitment of fighting for our clients. Graham.Law follows the Teddy Roosevelt philosophy – “Speak softly, and carry a big stick.” We research the law, learn the facts of your case, prepare for trial, and go in ready litigate successfully. We do not shy away from a fight when necessary, nor do we go out of our way to fight for the “fun” of it when negotiations will give you a better outcome.