Grandparents Rights: Colorado Law 2023 Updates
In 2023, Colorado updated its grandparents rights statute, and moved it from the Children's Code to Title 14, where the rest of child custody resides.
Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency in a Colorado Divorce
Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency is a divisible asset in a divorce just like any other part of the marital estate. But finding and proving them is difficult.
Grandparent Visitation When Parents Disagree – Who Decides?
Colorado court holds that grandparent visitation battle is between grandparents and parent opposed, so only that parent's opinion given weight.
Anti-Covid Vaccine Order from NJ Family Court
NJ appellate court upholds trial judge's refusal to let a parent administer Covid-19 vaccine to the parties' minor children.
Ban Children from Calling Stepparent “Dad” or “Mom”?
Pennsylvania court reversed order prohibiting child from referring to stepparent as "Dad", finding harm is required to abridge first amendment rights.
Licensed Legal Paraprofessionals: Family Law w/o a Lawyer
Colorado Supreme Court approves Licensed Legal Paraprofessionals to help family law parties without the need to hire attorneys.
Military SBP (Survivor Benefit Plan) 2023 Open Season
During 2023, military retirees a rare SBP open season where they can discontinue current coverage, or elect coverage if not previously elected.
2023 Colorado Super Lawyers Family Law – 4 Years in a Row!
Managing Partner Carl Graham has been named to Colorado Super Lawyers for family law four times in a row, from 2020-2023.
No Relocation with Children After Divorce Without Findings
Colorado court holds no relocation with children after divorce without the trial court making specific "best interest of the child" findings.
Pension Valuation Methods – Cannot Mix & Match at Divorce
Colorado judges cannot combine pension valuation methods into a hybrid at divorce which uses both Net Present Value & Deferred Distribution.
2023 Best Law Firms in America – Family Law Colorado Springs
U.S. News & World Report has named Graham.Law one of the Best Law Firms in America for Family Law Colorado Springs 4 years in a row.
Depreciation & Rental Income for Colorado Child Support
Colorado court holds that straight-line depreciation, but not accelerated depreciation, should be deducted from rental income as a business expense.
ChatGPT – Artificial Intelligence and Colorado Family Law
Can ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence replace lawyers in Colorado family law cases? Not at the moment, but AI is improving.
How to Co-Parent with a Narcissist Parent – Actionable Tips
With a narcissist parent on the other side, successful co-parenting means protecting you and your children, not trying to win every battle.
2023 Military COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment)
Per the 2023 Cost of Living Adjustments announced, active duty & reserves saw a 4.6% increase, while retiree and VA disability had an 8.6% COLA.
Colorado Stepparent Adoption – What you Need to Know
Colorado stepparent adoption law provides a simplified adoption process, especially if the biological parent has abandoned the child or is deceased.
How to Get a Marital or Premarital Agreement with Graham.Law
Do your premarital agreement right the first time, and then it will last. Our marital agreement process is comprehensive, but for good reason.
Do it Yourself Prenup or a Prenuptial Agreement Attorney?
We often advise clients they can handle their own case, but a do it yourself prenup has too many risks - you need a prenuptial agreement attorney.
VA Disability is Not Taxed: Does it Count for Child Support?
Federal law prevents states from dividing VA disability in a divorce, but like other non-divisible payments, does not stop it counting as income.
Military Disability Retirement Divided in Divorce?
A DoD ruling, while recognizing that Chapter 61 disability retirement is not divisible, awarded the former spouse a share of the CRDP instead.