No Personal Jurisdiction Over Spouse Living Outside Colorado
Colorado court rules that "minimum contacts" is only for corporations; general personal jurisdiction over an out-of-state spouse requires domicile.
VA Disability – Not Contempt to Violate Indemnity Order
Colorado court rules that trial judges have no jurisdiction to enforce through contempt a divorce agreement to share VA disability payments.
U.S. Copyright Law Not Override State Divorce Law
Federal district court judge rules that Sonny & Cher's divorce agreement to share their song royalties 50/50 trumps U.S. copyright law.
Colorado EFiling for the Public – File w/o a Trip to Court
Long available for attorneys only, the Colorado Efiling allows the general public fo electronically file documents with the courts.
Criminal Mandatory Protection Order vs Parental Rights
Colorado court declines to apply parenting statutes to abusive father under a mandatory protection order, but constitutional rights to parent still apply.
Is 5 Days Enough Time for a Prenuptial Agreement?
Jeezy's wife, Jeannie Mai, is fighting the prenup, claiming that starting it 5 days before they married was not enough time for a prenuptial agreement.
Court Can Order Covid-19 Vaccine if Impasse Between Parents
Colorado court rules that a judge can break an impasse between parents and order Covid-19 vaccine for a child w/o proving endangerment.
Can a Pregnant Spouse Get a Divorce in Colorado?
Colorado does not prohibit a pregnant spouse from divorcing, but unless both spouses have lawyers, the process is more cumbersome.
Colorado Simplifies Divorce Financial Disclosure Requirement
The Colorado Supreme Court allows parties in a simple family law case to waive the disclosure requirements if both of them agree.
No-Fault Divorce – Still Alive & Well, But Under Attack
Every state has no-fault divorces, but increasingly politicians and religious movements are pushing to return to fault-based divorce grounds.
Jesse Feinsod – Family Law Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch
Jesse Feinsod, family law attorney at Graham.Law, is recognized as a 2024 Best Lawyer: Ones to Watch for family law in central Colorado.
Dividing Military Disability Retired Pay – Revisited
Since last year's landmark decision holding the CRDP portion of military disability retired pay was divisible, the legal landscape has gotten murkier.
Voted Colorado Springs Magazine Top Attorney for 2024
Graham.Law is proud to announce that our managing partner, Carl Graham, has again been selected as a Top Attorney in Colorado Springs in a peer-rated study.
Grandparent Intervention in Divorce When Seeking Visitation
Grandparent intervention into a child custody case is necessary before seeking visitation, and a court cannot deny intervention without explanation.
Tahli Delgado – Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch 2024 Family Law
Tahli Delgado, senior family law attorney at Graham.Law, is recognized as a 2024 Best Lawyer: Ones to Watch for family law in central Colorado.
Best Lawyers in America – Family Law Lawyer of the Year
Best Lawyers in America has named managing partner, Carl Graham, as the 2022 Lawyer of the Year for Colorado family law.
Transgender Child Gender Affirmation Treatment & Custody
States have modified their UCCJEA to provide emergency child custody jurisdiction based upon a transgender child will receive treatment.
2023 Colorado Child Support Statute Changes

I have lost track of how many times the Colorado Assembly has modified the child support statute in the past couple of decades – it seems like about every other year or so. The good thing is that the changes are invariably improvements, as they clarify ambiguities which have been…

Child Abuse: Colorado Assembly Slams Courts, Changes Law
In 2023, Colorado made some statutory changes, with damning findings about how the judiciary is not protecting children enough from child abuse.
Grandparents Rights: Colorado Law 2023 Updates
In 2023, Colorado updated its grandparents rights statute, and moved it from the Children's Code to Title 14, where the rest of child custody resides.