No Retroactive Child Support in Colorado w/o Custody Change
Retroactive child support can only be awarded if there is a custody change, not if support was based upon an expected change which did not occur.
The Forgotten Divorce Tax Which Reduces Value of Your Assets
If spouses to not factor divorce tax consequences in the property division, one spouse's taxes could erode the value of the assets awarded to her.
Indian Child Welfare Act Requirements Only If Reason to Know
Colorado Supreme Court rules that Indian Child Welfare Act requirements (ICWA) only triggered if court has "reason to know" child is Indian.
Permanent Custody Change Based Upon Temporary Consent
Colorado court rules a parent can use the other parent's consent to a temporary custody change to seek a permanent change in custody.
Child Hearsay & Testimony in a Colorado Custody Hearing
Child hearsay rules often prevent parents from telling a custody judge what the kids want. But there are ways for the children's wishes to be known.
Remedial Contempt of Court Sanction Nixed – Cannot Fully Pay
Finding a party in remedial contempt of court requires that the contemptor actually have the ability to pay the full amount sanctioned.
Adultery – Infidelity Clause in Prenup or Postnup Agreements
It is questionable whether an infidelity clause in prenup or postnup agreements which penalizes adultery would be enforceable in Colorado.
Omitted Asset? Cannot Reopen Colorado Divorce if Knew of It
An omitted asset may be ground to reopen a property division in a Colorado divorce, but not when the complaining spouse actually knew of it.
Tax and Divorce in Colorado – What You Need to Know
Discusses tax and divorce issues, including using tax documents to establish residence, and how to file after divorce, legal separation or annulment.
Pension and Divorce Miscalculation By Other Side? Tough Luck
Courts will divide a pension and divorce disclosures include pension documents. But a pension miscalculation did not justify reopening the case.
How is Child Support Jurisdiction Determined in Colorado?
The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) has requirements for states to exercise initial child support jurisdiction, as well to modify orders.
Emergency Child Custody Motion Fails, Then Modify Parenting
Court rules that if an emergency child custody motion is not granted, the same allegations can support a later motion to modify parenting time.
Colorado Child Support Payments for Disabled Child Over 19
Colorado Court orders child support payments for disabled child who could not care for herself without help, despite finding only "partial disability,"
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Payee’s Voluntary Unemployment Off-Limits for Alimony
When husband's income reduction insufficient to trigger alimony modification, court may not consider wife's potential voluntary unemployment.
Future Commissions Approved as Income for Alimony
Colorado Court of Appeals affirms trial court adding husband's anticipated future commissions to his income for purposes of determining alimony.
Private School, Child Support, And Who Chooses the School
When parents disagree on major decisions, including school choice, the court may choose. And private school fees may be included in child support.
Discounted Attorney Fees Are Financial Resources in Divorce
A spouse receiving discounted attorney fees may be treated as a financial resource the court considers when awarding the other spouse legal fees.
Imposing Security for Payment Needs Specific Findings
Colorado law authorizes family law courts to order security for payment or other performance, such as a lien on the payor's assets.
Hidden Assets in a Divorce – Reopen the Case 
Hidden assets, or even ones which a spouse inadvertently failed to disclose, which are "material" will result in the property division being reopened.