Common Law Marriage Must Consider Intent, Not Just Conduct
The Colorado Supreme Court holds that couples may not all have the same intent behind their conduct when determining whether a common law marriage exists.
Common Law Marriage New Framework from CO Supreme Court
In a major decision, our Supreme Court held that objective factors are not evidence of common law marriage, just evidence of the parties' intent to be married.
Same-Sex Common Law Marriage Before Legalization Upheld
The Colorado Supreme Court has held that a couple can enter into a same-sex common law marriage prior to 2015 when same-sex marriage was legalized in Colorado.
Secretly Recording Conversations: Prove Bad Conduct in Court
Recording conversations can result in useful evidence for your child custody case. But they have disadvantages, and must be done properly to use in court.
Lawyers Can Remotely Practice Law From Out-of-State
Per the ABA & Colorado's Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel, attorneys can remotely practice law from one state in courts of another where they are licensed.
Video Hearings (Webex, Zoom, etc) are Legal in Colorado
Video hearings, common for the past year during the Covid-19 pandemic, have been held legal for cases involving the termination of parental rights.
Child Support Arrears – No Ban on Having More Kids
Ohio ruled ruled that a man convicted of having over $200K of child support arrears for his 11 children could not be banned from having more children.
Colorado High Income & High Asset Divorce Attorney
A high income or high asset divorce presents unique issues, such as ferreting out tricky assets, or arguing support when statutory guidelines do not apply.
Safe & Simple Digital Signatures for Our Clients
Graham.Law has implemented digital signatures. You can now sign everything from your retainer agreement to court forms using HelloSign E-Signatures.
Lawyer Vanity Award Scam: Pay to Play Fake Honors
Lawyer vanity award scam companies have been caught giving "honors" to pet dogs, and even a chicken. Pay to Play is not a reflection of a lawyer's skills.
Military Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for 2021
With the 2021 Cost of Living Adjustments, active duty and reserve military saw a 5% increase, with smaller COLAS for military retirement & VA disability.
VA Disability Counts as Income for Child Support & Alimony
In a brand-new decision, the Colorado Court of Appeals clarified that VA disability payments do count as income for family support purposes.
Free Colorado Alimony Calculator: Calculate Spousal Support
Online Colorado alimony calculator from Graham.Law. Calculate spousal support amount & duration per Colorado's advisory maintenance guidelines.
Child Abuse May Include Witnessing Domestic Violence
When one parent commits domestic violence against the other parent in the child's presence, it may be child abuse if the child's mental well-being is harmed.
Post-9/11 GI Bill Overpayment Debt After Divorce
A military member who transfers Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits to family members but then does not serve the required time may face a debt of tens of thousands.
Covid: State Won’t Suspend License for Support Arrears
Many states may suspend licenses of parents with child support arrears. During the Covid-19 pandemic, one state has decided to stop.
Good vs Bad Co-Parenting: Helping Your Colorado Custody Case
Good co-parenting with a difficult person on the other side is far from easy. But to help your child custody case, avoid being a bad co-parent.
No-Fault Divorce Survives Legal Challenges
Colorado, like the rest of the country, has had no-fault divorce for decades. Periodically, a spouse will challenge such laws, arguing fault should be required.
Joint Title Not Defeat Separate Property Claim at Divorce
A surprising decision from the Colorado Court of Appeals has held that separate funds in an account with joint title remained a spouse's separate property.
Colorado Alimony Appeal Rejected In New Court Case
The Court of Appeals rejected all of a husband’s claims on a Colorado alimony appeal, including a surprising ruling regarding not counting investment income.