Divorce Law for Men: Fathers Rights Lawyer Colorado Springs
Divorce law for men, or father's rights, means Colorado dads receive equal treatment in court, and not face a custody disadvantage because they are men.
(Cleaned Up) Case Citations: Making Case Quotes Better
A (Cleaned Up) case citation means the quote preserves the opinion's text, while removing brackets, ellipses, quotation marks, citations, & footnotes.
Find The Best Divorce Attorneys in Colorado Springs
There are a lot of great divorce attorneys in Colorado Springs - How can you pick the best family law attorney for your case?
Colorado Child Support: Self-Employed Business Income
The Colorado Court of Appeals reversed an alimony award because the trial court excluded a self-employed business owner's undistributed income from support.
No-Fault Divorce Coming At Last To The UK?
No-fault divorces in the UK are set for debate this month. While new to the UK, they are everywhere in the U.S. and common around the world.
Colorado Custody Evaluator: Giving False Document Is A Crime
A Colorado mother was convicted for providing a forged email to the custody evaluator, and the state Supreme Court just upheld the conviction.
Colorado Paternity: Biology Balanced vs 3 Legal Presumptions
Why biology isn’t the final word in a Colorado paternity court hearing - other presumptive fathers may have a better claim to raise the child.
Termination of Parental Rights & Adoption Needs Jurisdiction
A termination of parental rights requires parenting jurisdiction. An adoption does not. Combined, a new court ruling, UCCJEA jurisdiction is required.
Is a Prenuptial Agreement Modifiable? Melania Trump Did it
Spouses may modify a prenup (prenuptial agreement) or postnuptial agreement at any time, as long as they comply with the same requirements used to create it.
Grandparent Rights Win: Restricted Dangerous Parent Custody
Grandparent rights exist in Colorado, and when grandparents can show a parent endangers the children, the court will restrict the parent's custody.
Divorce Settlement Creates New Billionaire
The world’s newest billionaire created by dividing a marital estate as part of a divorce settlement - this time in China.
Badmouthing in Divorce: Parental Alienation or Free Speech?
Interesting Massachusetts case could shake up “non-disparagement” clauses common in parenting orders prohibiting a parent from badmouthing the other.
Divorce Cooling Off Period: Kill 91 Days in Colorado & China
Most places have a "cooling off period" before spouses divorce. In Colorado, it is 91 days for divorces & legal separations, but none for an annulment.
Divorce, New Name, No Alimony: Request by Charged Cop’s Wife
The wife of the Minneapolis police officer charged with murdering a man in custody has filed for divorce, seeking a name change but no alimony.
Motion to Restrict Parenting Requires Hearing in Colorado
The Colorado Supreme Court held that when a motion to restrict parenting contains allegations "with particularities", a trial court cannot deny a hearing.
Covid-19 Divorce Moratorium: NY Ends, Colorado Never Had One
New York just lifted its 2-month Covid-19 moratorium on new divorce filings, and Mary-Kate Olsen was (literally) the first person to file in New York City.
Moving a Child from Colorado Post-Divorce Risks Custody
Beware of relocation. A primary parent moving a child to Korea resulted in the court awarding custody to the other parent under the "best interests" standard.
Family Law Judge Reprimand for Brutal Judgment Lapses
A family law judge was just publicly admonished for a pattern of conduct in a case showing a shocking lapse in judgment.
Former Denver Bronco In Messy, Likely Expensive Divorce
As former Denver Bronco quarterback Jay Cutler’s divorce shows, the rich & famous have the same issues as everyone else, just on a larger scale.
Personal Injury – Dividing PI Fortune in a Colorado Divorce
A PI award for a personal injury during marriage is presumptively marital and subject to division in a divorce and it's income for purposes of family support.