Moving a Child from Colorado Post-Divorce Risks Custody
Beware of relocation. A primary parent moving a child to Korea resulted in the court awarding custody to the other parent under the "best interests" standard.
Family Law Judge Reprimand for Brutal Judgment Lapses
A family law judge was just publicly admonished for a pattern of conduct in a case showing a shocking lapse in judgment.
Dispute Resolution? Trial By Combat Fail in Divorce Case
Colorado encourages parties to resolve their family law cases outside of court, but trial by combat is not an approved means of dispute resolution.
Former Denver Bronco In Messy, Likely Expensive Divorce
As former Denver Bronco quarterback Jay Cutler’s divorce shows, the rich & famous have the same issues as everyone else, just on a larger scale.
Personal Injury – Dividing PI Fortune in a Colorado Divorce
A PI award for a personal injury during marriage is presumptively marital and subject to division in a divorce and it's income for purposes of family support.
Stop the Divorce – Changing Your Mind After Filing
Once a divorce is filed, the spouses can still change their minds and stop the divorce by ending the legal proceedings. Here's how.
Inheritance & Divorce: Still Separate After Marital Spending
The Court of Appeals upheld a court’s determination that just because the spouses treated Husband’s inheritance as marital, it was still separate property.
Pandemic Kills More Divorce Cases, Not in Colorado
Dubai has followed Russia's lead in banning divorces during the Covid-19 pandemic. Colorado is unlikely to follow suit.
Award Of Military Retirement Ends Separation Pay
Indiana ruled against a wife who was awarded a share of the VSI at divorce, as VSI ended when the husband rejoined the military & ultimately retired.
No Colorado Alimony Formula Guidelines For the Rich
Colorado's alimony formula only applies to combined incomes under $240,000/yr. A judge is reversed for blindly applying guidelines to higher incomes.
CARES Act Stimulus Payments: Battle for Divorced Parents?
The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in stimulus payments under the CARES act. How does this tax credit affect family law cases?
Air Force Finally Has Family Support Requirements
The long-time Air Force requirement that personnel provide “adequate financial support” to separated families is replaced with a BAH formula.
Perjury: Charge Witness for Lying in Colorado Divorce Case?
While your lawyer may catch a witness lying under oath in a divorce case, that does not mean perjury charges will follow.
Coronavirus Alert – 4th Judicial District (Sort Of) Open
Despite Coronavirus, Colorado courts are trying to open up. Per 4th Judicial District Chief Judge Order, in-person proceedings are now permitted, not required.
Unprofessionalism: Colorado Bar Punishes Attorney Misconduct
Unprofessionalism - not just a good idea, but the law. Break it, and it's attorney misconduct, which can lead to sanctions from the Colorado State Bar.
High Income Earners & the Colorado Child Support Guidelines
A decision from the Colorado Supreme Court makes it easier for trial courts to order high income earners to pay child support above the guidelines cap.
Thanks to Covid-19, You Can Get Married By Zoom
Just as Covid-19 is forcing courts to conduct divorce hearings via Zoom, so too are states now issuing marriage licenses without requiring personal appearance.
Colorado PERA Kills 90-Day Rule During Covid-19 Pandemic
Coronavirus-related court closures have made normal business trickier, and PERA has responded by relaxing the 90-day deadline to submit orders.
Social Distancing in a Divorce: Who Gets the Home?
Which spouse is awarded the house takes on greater meaning during the Coronavirus pandemic, as spouses make "life or death" arguments.
Domestic Violence During Covid-19 Quarantine
Domestic violence is on the increase during Covid-19 due to couples being forced to spend more time with one-another than ever before.