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Graham.Law is pleased to announce that managing partner (and your humble correspondent) Carl O. Graham has been named to Colorado Super Lawyers for family law for our fourth year in a row! I was ecstatic when I first won the award for 2020, and have repeated each year since then.

As with our U.S. News & World Report Best Law Firms in America, the first year or two this award was a big deal. I had long envied the elite members in our profession who had been named as Colorado Super Lawyers. There were only two Colorado Super Lawyers for family law in El Paso County, as well as a few “Rising Stars” – younger or newer attorneys on their way to qualifying for the Super Lawyer list in the future.

This year, there are still just 45other Super Lawyers for Family Law in Colorado Springs other than me (out of more than 100 family law attorneys in El Paso County). It really means something to be in their company.

Since 2020, however, making the list has become the new norm, so I’m repeating what I did last year, and doing something I never thought I would do – taking the award for granted. Instead of separate posts each year announcing the win, we’ll just be updating this one as (hopefully) we continue to be named as Colorado Super Lawyers for Family Law.

Super Lawyers Award-Winning Graham.Law
Super Lawyers Award-Winning Graham.Law
Super Lawyers Award-Winning Graham.Law
Logo for Super Lawyers Award-Winning Graham.Law

As explained in our original Colorado Super Lawyers announcement post from 2020, which is republished below as part of this post rather than a separate article, Super Lawyers is not a pay-for-play scam, but is a real award which only the top 5% of family law attorneys in Colorado qualify for. You pay nothing to win, and there is no way to buy one’s way onto the selection process – they have a rigorous selection process intended to ensure that only the best of the best become Super Lawyers for family law.

FAQ – Colorado Super Lawyers Award

What are Super Lawyers?

Super Lawyers are the top 5% of lawyers in the state who have been nominated by their peers, subjected to a rigorous evaluation process. The result is just four family law attorneys in El Paso County, Colorado, out of over a 100 lawyers in total.

Is Super Lawyers legitimate?

Yes. Super Lawyers is not a “pay for play” scam by which anyone who pays a few hundred dollars can buy the rights to use a fancy logo. Attorneys cannot pay money to buy themselves onto the list, and they will honor the top lawyers at no charge.

What is the Super Lawyers selection process?

The Super Lawyers selection process is rigorous to ensure that only the top 5% of lawyers make the cut. Lawyers first have to be nominated by their peers, then their achievements and reputations are evaluated by a Blue Ribbon panel using 12 different data points.

Here is our original 2020 announcement of the Colorado Super Lawyers award:

It’s official – we’re a Super Lawyer firm! Since our founding in 2018, Graham.Law has come a long way – a reflection of the fact that while the name is new, our attorneys are not! Our seasoned veterans have been practicing family law for years, and it shows with the list of awards won by our firm and our managing partner Carl Graham:

(Totals reflect the total number of Colorado Springs family law firms or lawyers who received the same honor).

We’re proud of the service we provide to our clients, and see these honors as a sign we’re doing something right. Helping good people through a difficult time in their lives is what we do.

2020 Colorado Super Lawyer for Family Law

One award which had eluded us was being named to the Colorado Super Lawyers list. We learned a few months back that Carl had been named a Colorado Super Lawyer for 2020, but were prohibited from a formal announcement until the news embargo lifted this week.

While we are proud of all of our recognitions, we’re particularly honored to be selected as a Super Lawyer. As with the rest of our awards listed above, this is not a “pay for play” gimmick whereby anyone who pays a fee can slap a bogus prestige logo on their website. You cannot buy your way onto Super Lawyers, and they do not charge to be selected.

Statewide, only the top 5% of attorneys qualify as Super Lawyers, and they have a rigorous selection process which starts with nominations (no self-nominations allowed), then the attorneys are evaluated on 12 different criteria, including awards, experience, pro bono, scholarly writing and teaching, etc. Finally, a blue-ribbon panel of other top attorneys chooses only the best of the best to be named Super Lawyers.

In Colorado Springs, just 2 family law attorneys made the list: Carl Graham & Lisa Dailey, and 5 more made the Rising Stars list: Joi Kush, Alex Masterson, Mary Nathan, Joel Pratt & Stephanie Randall. Graham.Law congratulates all honorees, and we’re proud to be in your company!

Colorado Super Lawyers Family Law – Again!

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U.S. News & World Report calls Graham.Law one of the Best Law Firms in America, and our managing partner is a Colorado Super Lawyer. Our family law attorneys have years of experience helping clients navigate the Colorado legal system. We know Colorado divorce & family law inside and out, from complex multi-million dollar property or child custody cases to basic child support modifications.

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