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What Are Family Law Attorneys?

A family law attorney (also known as a “divorce lawyer”, though we do much more than that) is a lawyer who practices domestic relations law. If you need to seal a business deal, draft a will, or file bankruptcy, you’re in the wrong place. But if you have any of these situations, then you need one of the many capable divorce attorneys in Colorado Springs:

  • Marriage (we don’t really marry you, but because Colorado is somewhat unique in having common law marriage, we can advise you if you need a divorce or can just end your relationship by breaking up)
  • Divorce (obviously!), legal separation or annulment
  • Military divorce (a family law case where one spouse is a military member or retiree)
  • Child custody (establishing the initial parenting plan, or modifying it)
  • Child support or alimony (establishing the initial family support order, or modifying it)
  • Grandparent rights & visitation (in Colorado, even great-grandparents qualify)
  • Paternity (establishing parentage over a child when parents are unmarried)
  • Restraining Orders

Choosing from the Divorce Attorneys in Colorado Springs

You are in the right place! Research Colorado Springs divorce attorneys on the web – look at Google reviews, or a legal index, like or Check out the attorney websites – do they sound like they know something about Colorado family law? Or are their sites vague generalities that could have been written by a high school student? Have they won any awards (we’ve won a bunch!) In the case of Graham.Law, our resources show we know Colorado family law:

  • Graham.Law blog (you’re reading it). Up-to-the-date posts about topical Colorado family law and military issues.
  • Colorado Family Law Guide. Offer real legal advice, case citations, and more, about pretty much every aspect of Colorado divorce & family law.
  • Military Divorce Guide. Created by a former Army JAG attorney, a leading source of military family law advice in the nation.

Word of mouth and referrals is also a great way to pick between Colorado Springs divorce attorneys. If you know someone who went through a divorce, and either loved or hated their divorce lawyer, talk to them. Or maybe they thought the other side had the better lawyer, and recommend you seek him/her out. We’ve been there – we’ve had numerous instances where parties who were on the other side of our cases want to hire us for a new family law matter. While we’re flattered, we don’t want to raise eyebrows by accepting such cases.

So Many Colorado Springs Divorce Lawyers…

Sorry about that, but there are a lot of us. How many family law attorneys are there in El Paso County? That’s a good question – and I doubt anyone actually knows for sure. Here are a few data points to consider:

Divorce Attorneys with awards
  • 2. That’s how many Colorado Springs family law attorneys in Colorado Super Lawyers. We’re among them! (the list has more than two names, but several are actually Denver attorneys).
  • 4. That’s the number of Colorado Springs divorce attorneys at Graham.Law, making us one of the largest family law firms in El Paso County.
  • 7. That’s how many Colorado Springs divorce attorneys were named Best Lawyers in America by U.S. News & World Report. Yep, we’re on that list too.
  • 19. That’s how many divorce attorneys in Colorado Springs have a perfect 10.0 rating from And we were the very first in the county!
  • 34. The number of Colorado Springs family law attorneys – according to the Colorado Bar Association’s Licensed Lawyer index. This number is low – way low. At Graham.Law, we’ve had cases against more local attorneys than that in the past year alone.
  • 80 Divorce attorneys in Colorado Springs, if you go by the number of lawyers who show up for the local bar association’s annual Family Law Conference. But that number is not necessarily all of us – in any given year, some family law attorneys do not show up, and a few of those who do attend do not practice family law (they just need the CLE credits).
  • 113 Colorado Springs family law attorneys in Graham.Law‘s Google Workspace Contacts. Between the attorneys in our firm, we’ve probably come across most of the divorce lawyers in town, but this number includes a few we’ve dealt with outside of the county.
  • 147. The number listed on This is overstated – several of the names on that list are either inactive now, or people we’ve never even heard of.

Lots of great divorce attorneys in Colorado Springs – my guess is probably between the 80-113 numbers from the list above. We can somewhat split the difference, and say we have an even 100 domestic relations attorneys in town.

So that means there will be plenty to choose from for all types of cases, and all personalities of client. At Graham.Law, we have a healthy balance of old & young, male & female, but all are smart, tenacious and experienced. We may not be a perfect fit for everyone, but we try, and we’d be honored if you would consider our firm for your family law case.

How To Hire a Colorado Springs Divorce Lawyer

It sounds like a lot of work, but you’ll like the result better than if you randomly select one of the Colorado Springs divorce attorneys. Your case is worth doing a bit of homework first!

Time to Hire Attorney Properly: 5 days

Research Colorado Springs Divorce Attorneys Online

Super Lawyers Award-Winning Graham.Law

Google makes it easy, and is a great starting point. Visit some attorney web sites to see if they appear to have what you are looking for. Look at the more exclusive award sites, such as Colorado Super Lawyers and, or the U.S. News & World Report‘s Best Law Firms in America. And even check the other legal indices, such as Avvo.

Ask Friends & Family About Divorce Lawyers in Colorado Springs

Two friends in a field talking on the telephone

Once you get a few names, ask around. Chances are you know someone who has been divorced or had a child custody matter – if so, they may know something about two attorneys – theirs and “the other guy.” Did they like their family law attorney? Hate her? Get good value for money? Feel ripped off?

Interview 2-3 Colorado Springs Divorce Attorneys

Three business women in a meeting

You probably don’t just test-drive one vehicle before buying – and the choice of lawyer has greater long-term impacts on your life. An attorney who looks great on paper may not be a good fit for your personality, or the facts of your case. Many divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs offer free consults.

Sign The Retainer Agreement

Two people shaking hands after reaching an agreement.

This is the painful step – you have to pay money for an attorney. And don’t be fooled by a low retainer – in the end, no divorce will truly cost just $2000, or whatever the initial retainer is.

Ensure Your Attorney Is Working For You

Computer keyboard with floating email icons

Is your family law attorney never available when you call? Does he take a week to respond to your emails? When you talk to her, does she forget basic facts about your case? Is your divorce lawyer starting to backtrack on “promises” made during your consult? These are all warning signs that your attorney may not be a good fit for your case. As long as it’s fairly early on, it’s not too late to change.

Award-Winning Divorce Attorneys in Colorado Springs

divorce attorneys

U.S. News & World Report calls Graham.Law one of the Best Law Firms in America, and our managing partner is a Colorado Super Lawyer. Our family law attorneys have years of experience helping clients navigate the Colorado legal system. We know Colorado divorce & family law inside and out, from complex multi-million dollar property or child custody cases to basic child support modifications.

For more information about our top-rated El Paso County family law firm, contact us by filling out our contact form, calling us at (719) 630-1123 to set up a free consult, or click on:

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