Shelle Dier

“Mr. Carl Graham, Cindi (his paralegal), and the rest of his office staff helped us with a military divorce. Mr. Graham is very knowledgeable about military ways and processes. I appreciated the fact that he listened to what we were saying and respected our points of view. He clearly explained the timeline and the processes, and he did an excellent job representing us. I highly recommend Mr. Graham and his staff for your legal needs.”

Michael Brooks

“Carl and his team are awesome and super easy to work with. His knowledge is tremendous and he quickly handled my case despite me being across the country. I would do business with his team again and recommend others do the same. Thanks Graham Law.”

Trevor Lisby

“If you are searching for a divorce lawyer, first I would like to say I’m sorry you are going through this. It isn’t and easy road. I know sometimes things just don’t work out to save your marriage. However, if all else fails and you have done all you can, Graham law is there to help. My lawyer was Brian and I gotta say, he knows his stuff. He is very trustworthy and is straight forward with you. He was never late, he communicated very well and made sure that I understood what to expect. Divorce is expensive. Graham law is expensive. But it’s worth the cost to have a lawyer and a firm who is on top of everything and wants to save you as much money as possible. Brian tried to settle things outside of court but the other lawyer was not communicating and we ended up still going to court, because of the other lawyer We settled just before we sat in front of a judge. This costs money which annoyed me to no end. So if you want a lawyer who gets the job done and is organized, use Graham law. If you want a lawyer who is inexpensive and isn’t on top of things, look somewhere else. Thank you Brian and team.”

Kathlena Williams

“I called Graham law firm to schedule a consultation and spoke with Corinna. When beginning your search for information with any family matters there are many questions and a sense of anxiety of the unknown. With that being said a person is going to judge the entire firm initially on the person that answers the phone. Your first impression can make the difference whether you choose to do business with the company or not. Corinna set the bar for this firm! She was helpful, friendly and informative. Graham Law is lucky to have her. By my experience with her alone I will do business with this firm. Thank you and I look forward to doing business with you!!”

Robert Weeks

“I was impressed by Graham Law in general but most impressed with Brian Boney. Brian is an excellent family law attorney. Attentive, detail-oriented, and hard-working, Brian surpassed my expectations for representation. He was easy to work with and gave excellent advice on how to navigate a complicated process. Highly recommended.”

Sarah Delorean

“I was divorced in CO but moved to TX & had issues with my divorce decree from a previous attorney- after referrals from several other firms in CO regarding the best military law firm I went with Graham Law. Carl went above abc beyond my wildest expectations. Not only did he handle every low blow thrown at him by General EX. but he shut down all his complaints. Graham law even fixed an issue on DFAS end, that awarded me an extra couple of hundred dollars a month. It’s not a big amount, but this attention to detail, along with the professionalism, and expedited process was truly remarkable. I can’t recommend graham law enough!!”

Kara Longmire

“Divorce is never easy, but Carl and his warm team helped me navigate this very difficult time. This was a military divorce, so Carl’s expertise helped me understand exactly what my options were as a former spouse. Everything went as smoothly as could be expected. I never would have been able to figure out the extra complications on my own! The team was very responsive and I felt like a valued client throughout the entire process.”

Steven Babbitt

“Very helpful initial meeting.”

Lisa Bruinsma

“I had the unpleasant task of taking my ex back to court. Carl was the person for the job. His attention to detail and professionalism got me the result I needed. Sincere thanks to Carl and his great staff for resolving my issue.”


“Mr. Graham was professional, knowledgeable and very prepared. He was also kind and understanding. He knew his military in’s and outs. Because of this is got exactly what I was asking for… a swift and fair settlement. I would strongly suggest if you are looking for a great divorce lawyer and are in the military that you retain him as soon as possible. He and his staff made the process as easy and stress free as possible.”