Lottery and Divorce: Winning Affects Support and Alimony
Lottery and divorce issues are rare. But lottery or other gambling winnings after divorce could affect child support and alimony.
Cohabitation vs Marriage – Roommate or Common Law Partner?
Cohabitation vs marriage. A person can live together in a romantic relationship without becoming a common law partner or spouse in a marriage.
Pet Custody Agreement in a Colorado Divorce?
There is an increasing trend for states to treat pets more like people than property, and to award pet custody over the family cats & dogs.
Paying Alimony After Retirement – It Can Happen in Colorado
The Court of Appeals recently addressed paying alimony after retirement in Colorado, ruling that spousal support does not stop automatically.
Social Security and Divorce – Not Divisible in Colorado
States cannot divide Social Security and divorce is no exception - the payments count as income for support, but are not divisible property.
Gay Couple Cannot Be Refused Marriage by Judge
The American Bar Association issued a formal ethics opinion prohibiting judges who perform weddings from refusing to marry a gay couple.
Social Security and Child Support Payments in Colorado
Social Security and child support payments - a complicated mess, but in short, payments owing to parents count as income, and can be garnished.
Military Base Housing: Slum or Valuable Divorce Asset?
Military base housing slammed this month, with a report depicting it as slum-like. Government quarters remain a valuable resource during divorce.
On-Base Military Housing in a Divorce – Who Stays? Who Goes?
Military housing in a divorce matters. A civilian spouse may live in on-base housing during the divorce, but afterwards has 30 days to depart.
Co-Parenting – Bring Ex-Spouse on Your Honeymoon??
Positive Co-Parenting means ex-spouses should try to get along after a divorce, especially with children, but there are limits!
Domestic Violence & the Super Bowl
Over the years there have been stories about how domestic violence spiked after the Super Bowl. These false claims hurt the cause of eradicating spousal abuse.
Divorce by Text? Not in Colorado
Saudi Arabia recently required women to get after-the-fact notice of a divorce by text. That is not due process by Colorado standards.
The Most Expensive Divorce in America?
What happens when the richest couple in the world gets a divorce? It has the potential to become a very expensive divorce.
Colorado Minimum Wage Increase for 2019
Colorado's minimum wage increased to $11.10/hr on 1/1. Federal minimum wage remains at $7.25/hr, several states have their own minimum wages.
Alimony Tax Deduction Disappears in 2019
2019 sees a major change, with alimony tax deduction going away, and Colorado statutory changes to address the implications.
2019 BAH Rates Announced
Military members will receive an average 2.5% increase in in their monthly Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) rate, effective January 1, 2019.
Politics Makes Strange (Family Law) Bedfellows
Politics indeed. Washington's strangest power couple is Kellyanne Conway, Presidential counselor & George Conway, major Anti-Trumpite.
Same Sex Couples & Colorado Common Law Marriage
Court rules same sex couples could legally enter into common law marriages before the 2015 Obergefell decision legalized same sex marriage.
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