Base Housing in a Military Divorce
Base housing matters. Read the new Military Divorce Guide article on military housing in a divorce, from the impact on spousal support to who can live in it.
All New Colorado Family Law Guide
Graham.Law is pleased to announce a complete overhaul of the Colorado Family Law Guide, with updated content, new look & feel, and more.
Co-Parenting – Bring Ex-Spouse on Your Honeymoon??
Positive Co-Parenting means ex-spouses should try to get along after a divorce, especially with children, but there are limits to how far they need to go.
Domestic Violence & the Super Bowl
Over the years there have been stories about how domestic violence spiked after the Super Bowl. These false claims hurt the cause of eradicating spousal abuse.
Military Spouse & Families Overcoming Challenges
Military life is challenging to a military spouse, especially in employment. The law, and hiring from the military community, can help.
Divorce by Text? Not in Colorado
Saudi Arabia recently required women to get after-the-fact notice of a divorce by text. That is not due process by Colorado standards.
The Most Expensive Divorce in America?
What happens when the richest couple in the world gets a divorce? It has the potential to become a very expensive divorce.
Colorado Minimum Wage Increase for 2019
Colorado's minimum wage increased to $11.10/hr on 1/1. Federal minimum wage remains at $7.25/hr, several states have their own minimum wages.
2019 Maintenance Tax Law Changes
2019 sees a major change to the tax treatment of maintenance, and legislative changes in Colorado to address it.
4th Judicial District 2019 Judge & Magistrate Assignments
Read about the 4th Judicial District Judge & Magistrate 2019 docket changes that impact family law.
2018 Annual Holiday Party
Our attorneys, paralegals, and spouses got together last night for the Graham.Law annual holiday party.
2019 BAH Rates Announced
Military members will receive an average 2.5% increase in in their monthly Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) rate, effective January 1, 2019.
Politics Makes Strange (Family Law) Bedfellows
Politics indeed. Washington's strangest power couple is Kellyanne Conway, Presidential counselor & George Conway, major Anti-Trumpite.
Same-Sex Common Law Marriages Legal in Colorado
Same-sex common law marriages may be legal, even for couples who entered into marriage before the 2015 Obergefell decision overturning same-sex marriage bans.
Rewritten Military Divorce Guide
The revamped Military Divorce Guide is coming - completely re-written, with new and updated content, and a brand-new responsive design theme.
Welcome to Graham.Law
Welcome to Graham.Law, a brand new firm of veteran attorneys you've known for years, 100% dedicated to family law.