Frozen Benefit Rule: Military Retirement & Colorado Divorce
With the Frozen Benefit Rule, the federal government has preempted the “coverture” formula which many states had used to divide military retirement.
Winning the Lottery: Gambling after a Colorado Divorce
After divorce, your ex wins the lottery, or got lucky at a casino. The winnings are income, and may be grounds to modify alimony or child support.
Married or Living Together? Common Law Marriage in Colorado
A couple can live together without being married. A common law marriage requires an agreement to actually be married, and proof of the agreement.
2019 El Paso County Bar Foundation Gala
Graham.Law showed up for the 2019 El Paso County Bar Foundation Gala to have a good time and help raise money for charity.
Pet Custody Agreement in a Colorado Divorce?
There is an increasing trend for states to treat pets more like people than property, and to award pet custody over the family cats & dogs.
Alimony not Automatically Stop at Retirement in Colorado
The Court of Appeals recently ruled that alimony is not automatically ended at retirement, but is one factor to consider in modifying or ending maintenance.
Division of Social Security in a Colorado Divorce
Courts cannot divide social security as an asset upon divorce, but may consider them an “economic circumstance” for alimony or property division.
Judges Cannot Ethically Refuse Same-Sex Marriage
The American Bar Association this month issued a formal ethics opinion prohibiting judges who perform weddings from refusing a same-sex marriage.
Common Law Marriage – Tax Returns Not Controlling
Tax returns are not controlling in determining whether a common law marriage exists, particularly if the court finds the elements of a marriage were met.
Social Security as Income for Child Support & Alimony
All-new article in the Colorado Family Law Guide on treatment of Social Security for purposes of child support and alimony.
Military Housing: Slum or Divorce Asset?
On-base military housing was slammed this month, with a report depicting it as slum-like. Government quarters remain a valuable resource during divorces.
2019 Best Family Law Firms in Colorado Springs
It's official - We are one of the best family law firms. We've been named one of the Best Law Firms in America, from Best Lawyers & U.S. News & World Report.
Base Housing in a Military Divorce
Base housing matters. Read the new Military Divorce Guide article on military housing in a divorce, from the impact on spousal support to who can live in it.
All New Colorado Family Law Guide
Graham.Law is pleased to announce a complete overhaul of the Colorado Family Law Guide, with updated content, new look & feel, and more.
Co-Parenting – Bring Ex-Spouse on Your Honeymoon??
Positive Co-Parenting means ex-spouses should try to get along after a divorce, especially with children, but there are limits to how far they need to go.
Domestic Violence & the Super Bowl
Over the years there have been stories about how domestic violence spiked after the Super Bowl. These false claims hurt the cause of eradicating spousal abuse.
Military Spouse & Families Overcoming Challenges
Military life is challenging to a military spouse, especially in employment. The law, and hiring from the military community, can help.
Divorce by Text? Not in Colorado
Saudi Arabia recently required women to get after-the-fact notice of a divorce by text. That is not due process by Colorado standards.
The Most Expensive Divorce in America?
What happens when the richest couple in the world gets a divorce? It has the potential to become a very expensive divorce.
Colorado Minimum Wage Increase for 2019
Colorado's minimum wage increased to $11.10/hr on 1/1. Federal minimum wage remains at $7.25/hr, several states have their own minimum wages.