Imputed Rental Income & Colorado Divorce
Rent is income for purposes of support, but the Court of Appeals held that a judge cannot impute rent for a rent-free roommate in the primary residence.
Citing Unpublished Cases in a Colorado Court
Appellate cases “not selected for publication” are not binding on Colorado trial courts, but may be cited as persuasive authority.
Sharing Child Medical Bills in a Colorado Divorce
The state Court of Appeals issued a decision clarifying how the first $250/child/year of unreimbursed medical expenses are divided between parents.
Welcome to Family Law Attorney Tahli Ann Delgado
Graham.Law is pleased to announce that Tahli Ann Delgado has joined our firm as a family law associate attorney.
Checklist of Military Spouse Benefits after Divorce
Divorcing a military member does not mean divorcing the military. Benefits are available to former spouses, based upon the length of marriage.
Carl Graham Presents at Court’s 2019 Family Law Day
For the 3rd consecutive year, managing partner Carl O. Graham presented on child support and maintenance at the 4th Judicial District Law Day.
Marital Property? Dividing the GI Bill in a Colorado Divorce
A judge may not treat the GI Bill as a marital asset and divide it in a divorce, but the member may agree to set it aside to the spouse or children.
Frozen Embryos in a Colorado Divorce – Again
At divorce, a spouse’s desire to donate frozen embryos is less important than the other spouse’s desire to avoid procreation.
GI Bill Tuition Not Income in a Colorado Divorce
A new Colorado case on the post-9/11 GI Bill holds that only the monthly housing allowance counts as income for maintenance & child support.
2019 Colorado Child Support Guidelines & Statute Changes
Explains 2019 legislative changes to Colorado's Child Support statute, including imputed income for non-working parents, and to low-income parents.
Contempt of Court in Colorado Family Law
Contempt of Court is the most common remedy to enforce orders against a party who is violating them.
Divorce Win: Maintenance & Attorney’s Fees
Graham.Law successfully argued against including expense reimbursement as income, resulting in a $1200/mo maintenance reduction!
New El Paso County District Court Division 23
The 4th Judicial District is hiring a district court judge for the newly-created Division 23 in El Paso County, the first expansion since 2010.
Fault vs No-Fault – Bad Behavior Hurts Divorce Case
Fault vs no-fault? Who cares? From dead fish to protective orders, there are a lot of ways bitter spouses can hurt themselves, and their divorce case.
Divorce Win: Student Loans, Deployment, Alimony & More
Graham.Law represented a client at a contested final orders hearing, and the satisfied client prevailed on every issue we litigated. Including student loans.
Colorado Springs – 2019 U.S. News Top Places to Live
For the second year in a row, Colorado Springs is one of the top three places to live in the nation, according to U.S. News & World Report.
Harvey Specter as Divorce Attorney: Shark or Bloodbath?
Harvey Specter is a great corporate attorney who knows nothing about family law. Should he have represented Louis Litt’s sister in her divorce?
When Does Child Support End in Colorado? Emancipate at 18?
Most of the time, a child support obligation in Colorado ends at 19, but it is possible for it to end earlier, or later.
Marry Your Cousin? Marriage within the Family in Colorado
All states, including Colorado, prohibit some incestuous marriages, and they are subject to annulment. However, Colorado allows first cousins to marry.
Psychological Parent Duty to Pay Child Support
The Colorado Court of Appeals just ruled for the first time that a psychological parent can be ordered to pay child support to a biological parent.