American soldier standing in field holding up a model house.

Military Housing – Still Substandard?

Military Housing In A Divorce One of the valuable benefits a military member receives is military housing – either living on post in housing provided by the military, or by living off-post and receiving BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) to defray the rent or mortgage costs. When a military family living in government…

House with For Rent sign in front.

Imputed Rental Income & Colorado Divorce

Rent is income – that’s pretty clear. The IRS requires you to declare rental income received on a Schedule E, and the Colorado child support statute’s definition of income includes “rents”. (5)(a)(I)(J). The maintenance statute has a similar provision. (8)(a)(I)(J). And Colorado courts will impute income to people who are voluntarily under-employed and…

Slum housing in third world country.

Military Base Housing: Slum or Valuable Divorce Asset?

This month has not been good for the image of military base housing. Recently, the Military Family Advisory Network released a report to Congress, Living Conditions of Families in Privatized Military Housing, complete with photos and real-world examples, which depicted on-post housing as being slum-like. Military Base Housing Depicted as Slum Based upon…